The Block Plan

The Block Plan allows you to study what you want, how you want, in ways that you simply cannot at any other school.

The Block Plan in Summary: CC professor Steven Hayward explains the Block Plan in just over 60 seconds.

Want to study limestone and shale formations in the Rocky Mountain region? Grab your tent, your professor is taking your class on a week-long camping trip in the mountains. Want to learn about political strategy in international relations? Pack your bags, your class is off to Washington, D.C. Have you ever tried to learn a language but it took forever because, at the same time, you were also having to write that history paper and work on those calculus equations? At CC, you can pick from any of the ten languages we teach and do nothing but immerse yourself in that world for nearly a month. How? The Block Plan.

And who are you studying with? Award-winning professors who are focused on one thing. Your class. They’re not teaching any other courses, so you and that subject have their full attention. The professor. Not a TA, not a research assistant, only your professor. Could some of the best minds in the world take a whole semester off to teach a college course? Probably not. But three and a half weeks? Absolutely! The Block Plan allows for world-renowned industry leaders to come to campus and teach. Want to take a writing course from a New York Times bestselling novelist? The Block Plan lets you. Want to learn engineering from an executive in the space industry? You can on the Block Plan.

With the Block Plan, you can do more with your afternoons - and so can your friends! Want to join a club? You have time. Want to learn to play a musical instrument? Book that lesson after lunch. Want to play a sport? There is less of a struggle to work in your practice and game schedule with classes. All because of the Block Plan.

More is possible on The Block!

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The Block Basics

  • A block lasts for three and a half weeks, beginning on a Monday and ending on the following fourth Wednesday.
  • One block is equal to one class on the semester plan.
  • Four blocks per semester; eight blocks per year, plus optional Half Block in the winter and Summer Session during the summer.
  • Class typically meets 9 a.m. - 12 p.m., Monday through Friday, with additional class sessions for studio, labs, discussions, field trips in the afternoons. Professors have the flexibility to schedule classes in format and timing for optimal learning.

Build Your Block Plan


Build Your Block Plan is a fun exercise for the purpose of understanding the Block Plan.